5.Take care of your mower and it will take care of you:

* Change oil once a year.

* Sharpen blades.

* Check/change spark plugs.

* Check/change air filter.

* Secure any loose bolts.

* Check tire pressure, add air if needed.

Berries in Kansas                                                                         Laura King

Charlie's Corner

      Spring 2018

Charlie's Top Five Tips

  1. Renew or begin your 2018 lawn care program now!
  2. Mow high! Set your mower blades at 3.5", commonly one notch from the top of most mowers. 
  3. Turn the sprinklers on 3 days each week, then add days as needed.
  4. We will be inspecting your lawn for insect activity, crabgrass, nutsedge and fungus issues. Please contact us with questions or concerns!

Thank you for your interest in King Hagen Lawn Care!

What's New?

What a difference a year can make! Our region remains extremely dry, carrying over from Fall/Winter. We always hope for Spring moisture....but so far mother nature hasn't cooperated. It's time to irrigate your lawns! 

***Please Note...we have delayed application of crabgrass pre-emergent on some of our SEEDED lawns (only some) because we don't want to harm the seed before it can germinate. The lawns need regular watering. Once the seed has taken root we can address the crabgrass issues on these lawns.***

To ensure healthy and beautiful lawns, follow our fertilization and weed control program. Proper mowing and irrigation must be maintained as we ease into Spring.

Ask us for your free analysis and lawn care estimate.
Optimal fertilization is all about timing and slow release. Wrong fertilizer applied at the wrong time will result in overgrowth and a compromised root system. Trust us to customize an effective program for your lawn.

What can you do to maintain your healthy lawn?

1. Never mow low - mowing grass short will ALWAYS result in loss of turf and may lead to brown patch fungus. We can contain this fungus to just a blemish disease as long as the grass is mowed high.

2. Never water between noon and midnight.

3. Irrigate your lawn three times a week.

4. Fertilize properly; we will keep an eye on that!

5. Get crabgrass control in place.

What is KHLC Doing Now for Your Lawn?

The most important thing we can do for your lawn is begin (or continue!) a comprehensive lawn care program tailored to the specific needs of your turf, including fertilization and weed control. Through late Winter and early Spring we will be working on our scheduled lawn care applications. Our fertilization and weed control program includes a 5-point application plan for success.

AGAIN - Mow High - Don't fall into the cut-it-low-trap!

You may be tempted to really shave off your grass, putting your turf at risk even before you get started. The best strategy for a healthy, beautiful lawn is to mow high.

Alert: Treat Now for Emerald Ash Borers!

We are conducting specialized basal drenching for Ash trees highly susceptible to the Emerald Ash borers that have invaded the Midwest. Let's save your trees!

Looking Ahead to Spring...

Be patient with Mother Nature and follow the steps above to cultivate long-lasting health on your lawn.

AND...enjoy time with your family and loved ones this 2018!

My own family will be busy on lawns, continuing college adventures in Germany, working at the University of Chicago, making art and hoping for lots of good Royals baseball. 

Thanks again,

Charles A. Hagen, President & Owner, KHLC